Disappearing ink!

Never have to buy a new book or waste paper ever again! The Magic Groove inks will slowly fade away after a few minutes, allowing you to continue reusing the book!

Make learning fun!

The traditional way of learning is boring, making it hard to stay focused. Make it easier for you and your child by making learning fun! Spend hours having fun while learning and NEVER worry about running out of paper!

Posture corrector

Kids at a young age, tend to hold a pen/pencil in any way that feels comfortable to them. Even if it is a bad posture. This is due to the lack of muscle control in their hands. Ensure that they build these muscles in their hands with these posture correctors. *included in every order!


    With disappearing ink and quality page material, you'll never have to buy a new book, ever again!

  • #1 in the Market

    We are the best Number One seller in the market! Wtih over 20,000 copies sold.

  • Education

    Education is our vision with these books. Which is why we specifically designed it, so that learning; doesn't seem so boring after all.